Chiropractic Testimonials

"After years of pain in my lower back, I finally have some relief. Dr. DeMoss has helped me recover so I can get back to doing the things that I love."

- Aaron Morris


"Dr. Bob makes a huge difference in my health.  I walked into his office feeling tired & nervous at the same time, with my eyes feeling like they were sunk into my head, and my back was hurting.  After an adjustment I get my energy back,  &  I feel  calm & alert with no back pain.  Overall the quality of my life is so much better from my chiropractic adjustments at San Clemente Chiropractic."

- Dave Barlet

"A few months ago I had difficulty getting my PCP and OBGYN to listen to me. I still like them very much but they just didn’t pay attention. I took matters into my own hands and all is fine now. I told a friend that the only doctor that has really helped me was Dr. DeMoss. He did it without pills, shots, blood test or counseling. I surprised myself because I hadn’t thought of it before, but it’s the truth and I’m so appreciative of him."

- Donna Wilson


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