Can A Chiropractor in San Clemente Relieve Your Whiplash Symptoms?

Can A Chiropractor in San Clemente Relieve Your Whiplash Symptoms?

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Whiplash injuries are the type of injuries that are usually associated with vehicular accidents although it can also happen to those who experienced accidental falls, work related injuries and sports injuries. Whiplash refers to the injury to the neck that is caused by the violent rocking of the head back and forth, usually triggered by sudden acceleration-deceleration force. Whiplash injuries are not really particularly lethal but it can lead to extended period of disability. Chronic whiplash symptoms include:

Pain and stiffness in the neck
Pain in the lower back
Shoulder pain
Dizziness or blurry vision
Decrease in memory or concentration
Numbing of the hands, feet or hips
Joint dysfunction
Disc herniation

So can a chiropractor help you with relieving symptoms of chronic whiplash? In general, patients who have experienced car accident whiplash injuries turn to chiropractic care in order to relieve the pain and dysfunctions that comes with the injury. A chiropractor have a wide array of specialized technique that he or she can use in order to treat whiplash injuries.

A chiropractor will diagnose a whiplash patient and determine the main problems and damages that the injury has caused. And based on the diagnosis, the chiropractor will decide on which procedure to use for whiplash treatment. Chiropractors will also recommend you to another medical specialist if he or she finds out that you need it.

For most common chronic whiplash symptoms, a chiropractor will usually perform a spinal manipulation procedure on the patient. Spinal misalignments can cause chronic pains and movement dysfunction. In a spinal manipulation procedure, the chiropractor will realign the spinal joints in order to restore the body’s natural range of movement. This is done by carefully rotating the patient’s head towards the general direction of the stress or dysfunction of the joint. These rotations are performed slowly for those who are nervous about the procedure. Chiropractors will then use either a slow steady movement a quick thrust so the joints will be aligned.

In whiplash chiropractic treatment, a chiropractor can also utilize muscle stimulation or relaxation techniques to treat whiplash injury patients. This includes gentle massages and stretches to relieve the tension, contractions and tightness of the muscles and joints.

Applying pressure to trigger points in order to alleviate the pain that comes with muscle tightening may also be used. Your chiropractor may also recommend specific exercise routines in order to prevent or decrease the likelihood of future misalignment problems.

Whiplash chiropractic focuses on the body’s natural ability to heal itself so the entire procedure is free from drugs or any form of surgery.

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